What I Do

I work with leaders to accelerate action on profitable sustainability


You can strengthen your sustainability focus and results whether you lead a publicly-traded company, private equity firm or think tank. Here's how I can support you.

You know what makes leading sustainability really fun and personally rewarding? Doing the work you love with the people you love to work with and delivering results that matter to people, planet and profit.

That means you have to have clear priorities, engage effectively with the right stakeholders and create systems for efficiency.

The good news is that you don't have to work more hours with more stress to do it. You just need a system that feels authentic and right for you and the company. That's exactly what I help my clients to create and strengthen.

I support your leadership through social and environmental consulting, leadership coaching, and dialog with your peers. While some environmental consulting firms and sustainability consulting companies prepare reports and leave the implementation to the client, my focus is on strengthening your work to drive action and results. So, my firm is a "one-stop" shop on implementation - incorporating leadership components from environmental and sustainability consulting best-practices.

For nearly four decades in corporate leadership, I've been moving companies forward on economic, environmental and social performance, I created the Accelerating Sustainability Framework to distill it all to what really works- simply and consistently.

Environmental Consulting Firm

Consultants at Top environmental consulting firms are well-versed in environmental compliances and have the in-depth technical expertise and scientific knowledge. They support businesses with a comprehensive evaluation and laying out a plan in line with the regulations. The risks associated with health and safety at the workplace is also mitigated by environmental consulting firms which increase productivity and process efficiency.

At Sabrina Watkins, our team has years of experience in environmental consulting, and our framework for environmental sustainability implementation emphasizes Prioritization, Engagement, and Systems. As one of the best environmental consulting firms in the US, we focus on the enterprise-wide implementation of sustainability, including environmental compliance and risk management strategies.


We'll look together at your current sustainability topics and key stakeholders. I'll help you focus further to build on your strongest successes and amplify the priorities of the company. You'll map and prioritize your key stakeholders- internally and externally - including your executive team, board, shareholders, employees, communities and policymakers. We'll consider each topic and stakeholder in terms of risks and benefits to the company, timing urgency, your team's resources and more. Your priorities for the company and your team will become more clear, and more strongly supported by others in the company.


You won't need more hours in the day but you will need time for meaningful engagement with your key stakeholders. I'll provide advice that's worked for leaders to allocate time, focus first on listening, ask the right questions to go deeper, and make your case effectively.


Many passionate sustainability leaders fall into the trap of trying to do too much. And trying to keep "all the balls in the air" all the time. I did!  This leads to diluting support, frustrating peers and the team, and making it hard for executives to reinforce the importance of sustainability. Prioritization and engagement help you get crystal clear and focused. Systematizing makes the work hyper-efficient by strengthening governance, processes, requirements, and innovative communication. Systematizing creates alignment, strengthens leadership across the enterprise and empowers employees to make projects more environmentally, socially, and economically successful. Systematizing even makes celebrating success so ingrained in the organization that it strengthens future successes.

Your next step

If you're ready to accelerate sustainability in your company and would like some support, let's talk

What we might achieve in a complimentary Acceleration Strategy Session:

  • Identifying the challenges getting in the way of accelerating sustainability at your company, and figuring out what's missing.
  • Creating an action plan for you to gain more traction for ESG & Sustainability within the company.
  • Pinpoint how to make your job easier, more effective, and more true to you.
  • Exploring other ways I may best support you - through advisory or consulting services, private coaching, or my peer-to-peer learning masterclass which includes global sustainability leaders.

If you can't find a day/time that works for you, email me: [email protected]

Stronger Together: Sustainability Leadership Community

Quick Consult

Sustainability Leaders sometimes feel “alone” in their organizations, and seek connection through conferences, professional organizations and individual relationships.

My passion for sustainability/ESG includes fostering opportunities for leaders to learn from each other in a supportive community.  

For support solving your deepest challenges, schedule a strategy session with me to discuss options for private small group peer-to-peer masterclass / mastermind groups and 1:1 leadership advice.

Join my Facebook Group for insights on what other sustainability leaders are doing and for support on ESG & Sustainability!

This Facebook group focuses on interactive opportunities tailored to what’s happening in sustainability leadership throughout the year – everything from annual meeting preparation to choosing ratings focus to recapturing your zest for this work.

To further strengthen awareness and support leaders with board-level expertise, I speak at conferences, within companies’ executive teams, and in academia around the world and virtually. Speech topics include profitable sustainability, accelerating global action, the energy transition, addressing carbon asset risk, oil and gas ESG (environmental, social, governance), and systematizing stakeholder engagement.

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