Future 500

Deepening Expertise In Complex Stakeholder Engagement

A 501(c)(3), which in my experience is the only organization that has long term and trusted relationships with both companies and social/environmental activists. NGOs and SRIs select industries and companies to target and influence, their actions can be disruptive or collaborative; Future 500 can make the difference. I’m honored to be on their board. (

United States Business Council for Sustainable Development

Creates scalable projects through partnerships

A regional network of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (, the USBCSD brings companies together to solve sustainability challenges. Through the award-winning Materials Marketplace platform, they create company-to-company industrial reuse and support shifting to a circular, closed-loop economy. Their facilitation has delivered multi-company regional results through Water Synergy Projects, the Gulf Coast Carbon Collaborative, Energy Efficiency in Buildings Project, Ecosystem Coastal Zone Game and Ecosystem Resiliency Financing Initiative and more. (

Global Environmental Management Initiative

Providing Tools and information created by companies

GEMI has brought companies together to create practical, focused tools including a Buyer/Supplier Quick Guide, Responsible Supply Chain Guiding Principles, Supply Chain Sustainability Solutions Map, Sustainability 101 Training Kit, Water Risk Assessment, Materiality Quick Guide (more) along with excellent multi-industry case studies. They have also worked with Bob Johannson, Institute of the Future, to deliver a customized 10-year future trends forecast to enable companies to anticipate and address potential disruptions. (

Decision Frameworks

Achieving decision quality with clarity

Clear action stems from clear understanding of the decision problem, the possible solutions, and the impact of those solutions including tradeoffs of various decision criteria. Decisions related to sustainability include near and longer-term value implications, along with the challenges of valuing cost and benefits of social and environmental actions. Decision analysis can simply frame the problem or create a comprehensive strategy. Decision Frameworks has consultants to help with decision quality, and also provides a comprehensive catalog of courses, practicums and presentations along with a suite of decision quality software. (

Sustainability Education

"To change the world, go to Presidio Graduate School" (New York Times)

Ranked in the top few MBA programs in Sustainable Business for the 15+ years of its existence, PGS and Bainbridge Graduate Institute/Pinchot University pioneered the integration of sustainability in every course.

After their merger in 2016, their small world-class curriculum continues to be cutting edge, business focused and practical. As an alumnae, I’ve experienced the "world changing” impact, strengthened my leadership, deepened my work in sustainability, and I value the relationships created there. I am honored to serve on their board. (

Change Agent Leadership Bibliography

To advocate for sustainability, lead a sustainable life (Jill Bamburg)

While I was a student at Bainbridge Graduate Institute, now Presidio Graduate School, a group of students compiled our “encyclopedia” of favorite leadership resources for change agents. We felt that progressing sustainability requires advanced skills in many aspects of leadership including stakeholder engagement, personal development, co-creation, and leading well through crisis and uncertainty. A partial list of resources is linked below, and I’m working on permission to post reviews from additional alumni. The reviews are simply the informal thoughts of the wonderful individuals who wrote them. Let me know if you have good resources to add, or if you have feedback about the ones included here. (The Leadership Encyclopedia) (Feedback)


Providing Exceptional resources for “good practices”

Focused on oil and gas, but applicable well beyond the energy industry, IPIECA has had over 45 years of experience working with the United Nations, NGO’s and other stakeholders to deliver reputable work and guidance on sustainability. Topics include Energy Transition, Company/Industry Mapping to UN Sustainable Development Goals, Reporting Transparency, Low Emissions Pathways (alignment with Paris Agreement), Water Management, Ecosystem and Biodiodiversity Management, Human Rights, Community Engagement (including Grievance Mechanisms), Health, and much more (over 250 publications).(